PEOPLE at Backes - on a hike in spring 2024!

In our concert series FOLK at Backes, you get up close to the artists throughout the year. In the spring of 2024, Backes Bu is being renovated, and we will continue the success from last autumn with PEOPLE on Vandring! You still get good concert experiences and a nice meeting place some evenings in the winter, but we take the concerts on a walk both here and there during the spring.

See the spring program here:


PEOPLE on a hike - Gjendine & Jørgine - from Bøverdalen to New York

Stein Versto og Per Anders Buen Garnås - Tuntreet - Foto Knut Utler

PEOPLE on a hike – Tuntreet – Stein Versto and Per Anders Buen Garnås


PEOPLE on a hike – Vegar Vårdal solo – Slåtter from Åseral including traditional local food


PEOPLE on a walk - Lars Jakob Rudjord - release concert "Kjempe-Jo"


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Foto: Anders Lillebo


On Thursday 24 November, Farsund Folk Festival received the award as folk music organizer of the year.
The price is NOK. 20,000 and will be distributed by FolkOrg, an organization for folk music and folk dance.

Nordsjøfestivalen 2017 – Foto: Jo Elkington

Travel and accommodation

There are many possibilities for accommodation in Farsund. We have made a small overview of some of the options. Farsund Fjordhotell Our festival hotel has in all years been Farsund Fjordhotell, which is located 15 minutes walk from Farsund center. It's here...

Volunteers - do you want to join the team?

We have the world's best volunteers! Farsund Folk Festival takes place 24 - 27 August 2023, and we need volunteers for many tasks during the festival! Volunteers are needed for rigging, ticket and t-shirt sales, staffing of the festival office, hosts, venue managers, transport of...