August 25-28, 2022

Farsund Folk Festival illustrasjon

Farsund Folk Festival

August 25-28, 2022


PEOPLE at Backes // Spring Program 2022

We are ready with our concert series, PEOPLE at Backes. A lot is clear, but there are guaranteed to be new and good surprises throughout the spring. Take a look at what's ready now!

Susanne Lundeng Trio, foto Martin Losvik

New Year, New possibilities?

We are starting a new concert and festival year, we are cautious optimists. Here is some info about concerts and thoughts on implementation.

Concert program PEOPLE at Backes

Farsund Folk Festival's own concert series FOLK at Backes, which is arranged outside the festival in August. The concerts are mainly arranged at Backes Bu, the city's last original warehouse. Built oozing of coastal culture provides an intimate setting around our concerts. As an audience, you get close to the musicians. The way we like it!
Programs for autumn 2021 and spring 2022 are posted continuously.

Artists 2021

Description of our artists 2021

Arne Kjelsrud Mathisen

Arne Kjelsrud Mathisen has worked professionally as a musician, producer and composer for over 15 years with an international impact. He is associated with the bands I Was A King, Rural Tapes, Heroes & Zeros and The No Ones, ...

Bergen Mandolin Band

Gruppebilde som viser bandet
The liveliest music by the Bergen Mandolin Band comes to play cheerful songs such as "In the Flames of Hell", "Finished with Hans" and "Around and around the bar for us" The band of author Gaute M. Sortland and fiddle player Olav ...

Birger Mistereggen

Birger Mistereggen
"The musician, the master of ceremonies, the interpreter, the craftsman, the communicator, the whistleblower. The drum - in time and out of step!" Birger Mistereggen is a Norwegian musician (drums, mouth harp, percussion), known from several genres, ensembles and releases. specializing in ...

Flottorp & Solberg

Johanne Flottorp and Åsmund Solberg first knew each other as bitter enemies through their affiliation with rival football teams in Aust-Agder. But in 2007, the two ended up as classmates at the county's only music high school and quickly found out ...

Crochet Steel String

Hekla Stålstrenga
Despite the pandemic and concert break in 2020, Stålstrengene has used its time well. The band delivered an entire commissioned work for the Children's Festival at Senja consisting of 10 brand new, self-written songs made for children, people who have children ...

Jakop Janssønn

Foto: Marius Fiskumwww.mariusfiskum.no
Jakop Janssønn is a drummer, percussionist and composer from Tromsø. He is one of the most in-demand musicians in Norway, and contributes to a number of different bands on both the Norwegian and Sami music scene. He has recently ...

Johanne Flottorp

"It Sounds Enchanting Regardless" (DN) Johanne Flottorp from Åmli gave the solo album, Johanne Flottorp, in the autumn of 2018, with tunes from her home region and the surrounding area. Her playing style is energetic and powerful. She works with the raw and sharp in ...

Kathrine Schiøtt

Portrett _ Katrine Schiøtt
Katrine Schiøtt is from Vestnes in Møre og Romsdal, and lives in Oslo. She has a classical education at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, where she studied with Aage Kvalbein and Geir Tore Larsen. In addition to classic ...

Lars Jakob Rudjord

Portrett _ Lars Jakob Rudjord _ foto Simen Løvgren
Pianist and composer living in Farsund. He has released three critically acclaimed albums: Clockwork (2013), Indiepiano (2016) and Let Tomorrow Be Better (2020). He has written several commissioned works, including for the North Sea Festival in Farsund, the Nordic Contemporary Poetry Festival and ...

Sigrid Moldestad band

Sigrid Moldestad Band
Sigrid Moldestad released her sixth solo album on 19 February "Tonen i meg" In this album she takes us into a musical landscape with darker undercurrents than before. Hardingfela is still strongly present on several songs, ...

Storm Weather Shanty Choir

Shanties are work songs that were used at sea, and in the Storm Weather Shanty Choir interpretation, the shanties are performed in a rock´n roll costume where the audience gets involved and sings with full throat - that is, about rocka all-singing! With...

Ulf- Arne Johannessen

Ulf-Arne Johannessen is a well-known and dear guest and dancer for the North Sea Festival and will of course be part of the Farsund Folk Festival. Ulf - Arne comes from Ål in Hallingdal, an area in Norway known for its ...

Vegar Vårdal

Nordsjøfestivalen 2019 Foto: Rikke Fromeide
Vegar Vårdal plays hard fiddle and fiddle, and is an energetic performer with few inhibitions. He is also a dancer and educator. Vegar has been part of the festival since the beginning as a musician, dancer, course leader, festival musician and leader of ...

Travel and accommodation

There are many possibilities for accommodation in Farsund. We have made a small overview of some of the options. Farsund Fjordhotell Our festival hotel has in all years been Farsund Fjordhotell, which is located 15 minutes walk from Farsund center. It's here...

Volunteers - do you want to join the team?

Farsund Folk Festival - we have the world's best volunteers! Farsund Folk goes off the rails from 26 August to 29 August 2021, and we need volunteers for many tasks during the festival. Volunteers are needed for rigging, ticket and t-shirt sales, staffing of festival offices, ...