25–28 August 2022

Johanna Juhola trio & Stampestuen // Backes Bu
Nordsjøkonserten // Farsund Folk Festival 2022
Bedehuskonsert // Farsund Folk Festival 2022
Åpningskonsert // The Longest Johns // support: Hannah Rarity

Farsund folk festival

25–28 August 2022

Farsund Folk Festival 2020 – Foto: Solfrid S. Økland

A good deal - festival pass 2022!

Now the festival is fast approaching!!
To get the most for your money, it pays to buy a festival pass.
The festival pass is like a kinder egg. That gives you access to five concerts, lots of music and you don't have to stand in queues.

Foto: Sami Perttilä

New artists ready!

Johanna Juhola trio from Finland are ready, and we promise fireworks!


Travel and accommodation

There are many possibilities for accommodation in Farsund. We have made a small overview of some of the options. Farsund Fjordhotell Our festival hotel has in all years been Farsund Fjordhotell, which is located 15 minutes walk from Farsund center. It's here...

Volunteers - do you want to join the team?

Farsund Folk Festival - we have the world's best volunteers! Farsund Folk takes off from 25 August to 28 August 2022, and we need volunteers for many tasks during the festival. Volunteers are needed for rigging, ticket and t-shirt sales, staffing of the festival office,...