Backes Bu

FOLK på Backes

Kirkegaten 3, 4550 Farsund

Our new arena and club scene with punch and fun! Here we build a festival area and moor the barge to the quay. The barge will function as a concert arena, dance venue and festival inn on Saturday.

This is the place to be for you who want to combine concert with dance and good friends. A lot can happen here! Backes Bu will provide a unique, real and intimate setting around the stories, music, dance and song, and give you as an audience a close and unique encounter with our artists.

Inside the cabin and outside on the pier, we will build a small mini-festival area with pouring outside and inside. In collaboration with FFS, BAR Over / the barge takes the trip across the harbor pool and arranges pier dancing. Here you can walk in and out and get different music and several concerts on one and the same ticket.