FOLK på Backes

Backes Bu

Backes Bu is Farsund's only original warehouse and the festival's most intimate concert arena. Here it oozes maritime culture from the walls. We rig the stage so that there is good contact between artists and the audience, small tables, with an informal club atmosphere. Bar.


The barge BarOver is beautifully located by Torvet in Farsund and will be part of the harbor pool. The barge is owned by our main sponsor Farsund Mooring Company.


Nordsjøfestivalen 2018 - Torsdag-59

Eilert Sundthallen

Eilert Sundthallen is located in Eilert Sund high school, right in the center of Farsund. We are rigging the large sports hall into an exciting and intimate concert concept, where sound, light and artists come into their own. We rig a nice bar area with dining ...

Farsund Fjordhotell

Welcome to our permanent festival hotel in Lauervika. During the festival, we fill up the hotel with artists and partners. Courses, seminars, dances, concerts are arranged here and here we gather in the bar after hectic days during the festival.
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Farsund cinema

Farsund cinema will be our main arena in 2019 as Eilert Sundt high school is under renovation. The concerts at the cinema are large artistic productions and of a public nature with opening speeches and specially invited guests. In 2019 we will arrange two concerts at Farsund ...
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Church of the Savior

For many years we have had a good collaboration with the Church of the Savior during the festival. Many a time a concert has made us feel that the roof has lifted and we are led up and out of the rows of benches. The...


Husan in Farsund was originally a large merchant's house, built by the merchant, shipowner and yard owner Jochum Brinch Lund for use by his sons Gabriel Lund (Eidsvollsmannen) and Ebbe Lund in the 1790s. The building was considered the country's second largest secular wooden building. The name means "house" in the plural. Jochum Lund died in 1807, and ...

Jansen Plan

Tent on Jansen's Plan for 200 people, entrance facing the harbor basin. The same place as Bakgårdsfest will have its summer show
Nordsjøfestivalen 2017 – Foto: Jo Elkington

Loshavn Bedehus

We end the festival on Sunday at Loshavn Bedehus. With a view of the North Sea, you get a unique concert experience in the prayer house in the harbor Loshavn. This concert is completely acoustic, without applause and introductions. In this context, the subdued music gets the focus, and ...

Nordberg Fort

On Sunday, the festival ends with an exciting program at Nordberg Fort, which is a disused coastal fort. The concerts in the exhibition hall of the Lista Museum are always well attended and it marks a great end to the festival. Nordberg Fort is located at the far end of Lista and the area ...