The warehouse

On the terrace of Pakkhuset we have festival jam on Friday and festival inn on Saturday morning. On Saturday, the sun and folk music shines over Farsund and on Pakkhuset's terrace you get a taste of what will happen later on Saturday. Here you can enjoy international ...

The park coffee shop

You get the best coffee in town in the church park. Here they have a good selection of other drinks and exciting lunch dishes and cakes. The venue is beautifully located below the Savior's Church and is a much used concert venue. The room is intimate, modern and provides a ...
Konsert på Amfi 2017

Pop Up Folk

The slogan of the North Sea Festival is; Where people meet folk! This means that we want to be where people are, and that the threshold for attending our concerts should be low. Therefore, we use arenas throughout the municipality during the festival and we ...
Nordsjøfestivalen 2018 - Torsdag-2

Rederiet Hotel

Rederiet Hotell was built by shipowner Andrew S. Glastad in 1958 as the head office of A / S Mosvolds Rederi. The building was designed by the famous architect Thilo Schoder, who was active in Sørlandet during this period. Forty years later, in 1998, moved ...


Varbak is Farsunda byfjell. Varbak is a great little hiking area with nice hiking trails, great outdoor furniture and barbecue places. It is located on the "roof of Farsund" and is visible from almost the entire city, and you have a view of the city and the entrance to Farsund.