Birger Mistereggen

Birger Mistereggen

«The musician, the master of ceremonies, the interpreter, the craftsman, the communicator, the herald.
The drum - in time and out of step! «

Birger Mistereggen is a Norwegian musician (drums, mouth harp, percussion), known from several genres, ensembles and releases. He is educated at the Norwegian Academy of Music specializing in Norwegian folk music and was for a long time a regular musician in the Broadcasting Orchestra. He is now a freelance musician.

Birger has been a festival musician at the North Sea Festival in 2017 and 2018, he was a percussionist during last year's Villniss by the Sea, and also participated in 2019 in a school concert, the North Sea Concert, and led history's first North Sea Festival Spelemannslag.

This year, Birger Mistereggen will hold school performances together with Tuva Færden and Vegar Vårdal, as well as participate in The North Sea Concert Saturday and the North Sea's Spelemannslag.

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