Flottorp & Solberg

Johanne Flottorp and Åsmund Solberg first knew each other as bitter enemies through their affiliation with rival football teams in Aust-Agder. But in 2007, the two ended up as classmates at the county's only music high school and soon found out that they could bury the hatchet through their common interest in folk music from the region. Since then, they have traveled in their own way both geographically and musically. But they have always had the tune music from home with them and as a duo they have over the years developed a distinctive and original playing style.

The result came in March 2020 in the form of the debut album «Heimespel». This is an album filled with energetic tunes from Agder and Telemark with new and exciting events that they have developed over the years. With a mantra that both should be able to play the tunes solo, they have woven the music closely together. With this in mind, they dare to break free from the fixed framework and challenge and develop the events along the way.

Flottorp / Solberg are:
Johanne Flottorp - hard fiddle, vocals
Åsmund Solberg - guitars, vocals

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