Ingvild Koksvik og Lars Jakob Rudjord _ foto Simen Løvgren

Ingvild Koksvik & Lars Jakob Rudjord

Ingvild Koksvik and Lars Jakob Rudjord are musicians based in Farsund. In 2015, they collaborated on the commissioned work "And the song came from the sea" for Farsund Folk Festival, and have since participated in the festival in several contexts. At Varbak, they present some of the music that was written for the festival, as well as new material by Vegar Vårdal.

With her beautiful voice and strong communication, singer and songwriter Ingvild Koksvik has her very own ability to touch the listeners. She has several record releases behind her, and has done a number of concerts and tours at home and abroad. She has blah. worked with musicians and producers such as Marc Ribot (Tom Waits), Joel Hamilton, Nils Økland, Lars Jakob Rudjord, Tony Maimone, Ketil Bjørnstad and Vegar Vårdal.

Lars Jakob Rudjord is a sought-after pianist and composer. He has three albums behind him in his own name, as well as participated in a number of others, including Karl Seglem, Moddi, Ingvild Koksvik and others. He has performed on a number of major stages and festivals at home and abroad, and has created his very distinctive, melodic sound, influenced by Nordic folklore, classical music and electronics.

We are delighted that Ingvild & Lars Jakob are part of this year's festival.