Foto: Jimmy Träskelin

Johanna Juhola trio

Colorful Finnish Johanna Juhola comes to the Farsund Folk Festival with her trio.
We have seen them live, and were blown away!

With her trio, the virtuoso accordionist Johanna Juhola packs her unique compositions into a multicolored backpack and goes in search of new musical landscapes.

The trio's musical journey is characterized by the intimate interplay and free-flowing improvisation between her button accordion and the deft acoustic guitar playing of Roope Aarnio. What appears to be a duo on stage is really a trio, as the heard but unseen hand of sound designer Teemu Korpipää enhances and expands the mix with creative use of effects.

Structures and lines from jazz, classical and folk music are mixed into Johanna's multifaceted neo-tango compositions, becoming spontaneous and sometimes surreal instrumental stories.

Johanna Juhola Trio participates on the albums: Johanna Juhola Fantasia Tango (2010), Johanna Juhola Fantasy Tango 2 (2012) and Johanna Juhola The Imprint of Diivan (2018) The trio has performed in Scotland, Russia, Germany, Algeria, Denmark, Mexico, France, Portugal, Norway, Japan and Sweden

Johanna Juhola holds a concert at Backes Bu Friday, participates in festival inn and The North Sea Concert Saturday.

Johanna Juhola trio. 
Johanna Juhola: accordion
Roope Aarnio: guitar, vocals
Teemu Korpipää: sound design, sampling