Original – Foto av Esben Kamstrup

Odd Nordstoga

WHERE: The football field at Varbak (family concert) Sunday at 16:00

Few are able to describe poetry in everyday life as Odd Nordstoga manages, without it ever becoming clichéd or bloated. He sings about the forest, in autumn. About longing to return to summer! And about the days that came and went. He makes us dance, even if we can't, and want to sing along at the top of our lungs about this pig standing and howling.

There is never any doubt that this man lives to play for the public, and it is surely no wonder that audiences across the country have pressed him to their chests, both during holidays and at parties. And with him on the road, he always has the best star team of musicians in this country. A concert with Odd Nordstoga simply feels like a vitamin injection, whether alone, with a full band, with other musical guests, or with a string orchestra.

Odd is a kind of national supplier of quality music, and this autumn he is ready with a brand new album entitled "Inn i skogen". Then it's off on a release tour with his excellent band, and both old and new hits in the mix.

Odd Nordstoga is coming with a big band to the Farsund Folk Festival's 25th anniversary. He ends the festival on Sunday and we invite the whole family to a concert, outdoors at Varbak!