Sigrid Moldestad Band

Sigrid Moldestad band

Sigrid Moldestad released her sixth solo album on 19 February "Tonen i meg" In this album she takes us into a musical landscape with darker undercurrents than before. Hardingfela is still strongly present on several songs, but this album plays in several genres.

Sigrid Moldestad is a Norwegian folk musician, singer, songwriter, actor and lyricist. She was named Folk Musician of the Year in 2010 and debuted as a solo artist in 2007 with the album "Taus" for which she received the Spellemann Prize. The album draws music and inspiration from 150-year-old stories about the many women who played the fiddle in Nordfjord, where she grew up. A theme she has worked with in various expressions, both on stage, record and concerts. The song "Samuline" was named the song of the year in NRK Sogn og Fjordane in 2007 and was dedicated to one of these game women Samuline Seljeset (1804-1872).

Sigrid Moldestad has released 6 solo albums. She writes lyrics herself, but has also set to music poets such as Jakob Sande ("I look into your eyes"), Tove Ditlevsen "So take my heart") and not least the album "The letter to love" with 11 poems by Jan-Magnus Bruheim. This album was named album of the year regardless of genre in NRK P1, "Norwegian in Norwegian".

The band she plays with, and brings to Farsund, has been the same for many years. Sigrid and the band are known for their strong concerts and live performances. Together with the band, solo or in other settings, Sigrid Moldestad has played at rock festivals, jazz festivals, folk music festivals and country festivals. Her music feels boundless and has taken on impulses from different genres. She has also had strong collaborations with the chamber orchestra Ensemble Allegria and KORK, in addition to regular guest appearances in Linda Eide's "Melodi Grand Jazz".


Sigbjørn Apeland: wooden organ, rhodes, piano

Jørgen Sandvik: guitars, banjo, mandolin

Anders Bitustøyl: bass

Kåre Opheim: drums

Roald Kaldestad: guitars, mandolin

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