Tuva Færden

Tuva Færden

Tuva grew up in Oslo, an environment where traditional music was not so strongly rooted. Whether it was the music that found her or she found it is hard to say. This is how it turned out! Today she works as both a performing folk musician and dancer.

Tuva creates magic in her presence on stage and in her communication with her audience.
With her harding fiddle, voice and dance, she takes you on a folk musical journey where she opens the door wide open to various musical spaces. Where both the strange and the ingenious can find a place. A stomping foot? Where do the melodies come from? Where does it move? In the body? Can we move to it? And who really was Fossegrimen?

We are looking forward to Tuva having the kindergarten performances during this year's festival. Tuva Færden also takes part in the school performances about Kobi Spillemand. She holds children's performance at Backes Bu Saturday and attend The North Sea Concert.

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