Ulf- Arne Johannessen

WHERE: Lines at Varbak Friday

Ulf - Arne comes from Ål in Hallingdal, an area in Norway known for its important ties to the traditional music and dance scene. Ulf-Arne dances halling and has for the last ten years traveled Norway and the world and performed with Alexander Rybak and FRIKAR, Konserter Norge and other Norwegian institutions and companies. In 2009 he became both national champion in halling and Springar (couple dance) and in 2017 again in Halling. He is a skilled one-line performer and is especially dedicated to the unique accordion tradition in Hallingdal. In the autumn of 2014, he released his solo album "Einpikkarn´n" with good reviews. He has participated in several theater productions, including Gösta Berling Saga at Västanå Theater in Sweden and The Little Prince at Sogn og Fjordane Theater.

Ulf-Arne is also a wood carver and specializes in his family tradition, wedding spoons. Two spoons connected by a chain. In 2012, Ulf-Arne, director of "Folk Music Week", the longest running Norwegian music festival, was exclusively dedicated to Norway's rich folk culture. Ulf Arne now works as a professional consultant in Bygda danser.

Ulf-Arne has previously held several courses in hallingdans, enrader and performed on large and small stages.