Nordsjøfestivalen 2019 Foto: Rikke Fromeide

Vegar Vårdal

Vegar Vårdal plays hard fiddle and fiddle, and is an energetic performer with few inhibitions. He is also a dancer and educator. Vegar has been part of the festival since the beginning as a musician, dancer, course leader, festival musician and leader of the North Sea concert. That is why we appointed him as honorary member no. 2 during our 20th anniversary.

Vegar has in collaboration with our artistic director made and performed several commissioned works and he has become a well-known and beloved folk musician in Farsund. This year, like the two previous years, he is an important part of the North Sea concert.

Vårdal is a typical representative of the young generation of folk musicians, with higher education in the field, good knowledge of various traditions and the whole country as a field of work.

He has his education from the folk music department at Telemark University College, and the Norwegian Academy of Music. He also has an intermediate subject in folk dance from NTNU. When he studied at the Academy of Music, he had mainly Professor Sven Nyhus as an instrumental teacher, and immersed himself in the valdest tradition on the harding fiddle.

Now he lives in Gudbrandsdalen. He gives lectures and teaches as a part-time teacher at most folk music educations in Norway. For part of his working time, he is a folk music teacher at Vinstra upper secondary school, which has a national line in folk music. Vårdal has established a separate study in Norwegian folk dance, which has existed since 2003.

This year, Vegar holds a school concert together with Tuva Færden and Birger Mistereggen, and will teach us how to dance dance club Saturday.  Vegar is responsible for the interaction below The North Sea Concert and you will certainly meet him at one or another jam.

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