Longest Johns

Opening concert // The Longest Johns // support: Hannah Rarity

25 August 2022 19:30–21:30

kr 400


The Longest Johns is an a capella folk music band from Bristol, England, born out of a mutual love of traditional folk songs and shanties. The repertoire ranges from rock maritime songs to the more unusual and less traditional folk tunes.

I doubt any of the members of The Longest Johns ever imagined they would be able to get this far on just four votes.

In the space of a few years, they have gone from singing shanties in a kitchen to international folk music festivals, tours, TV appearances and gained a huge online following.

Fronting the very revival of the shanty in 2021 with their track Wellerman, The Longest Johns are reaching millions of new fans worldwide and showing just how great these songs can be.

For us at Farsund Folk Festival, the shanty fits perfectly into our festival program, and we are looking forward to experiencing The Longest Johns who are truly world stars. For those of you who experienced the Storm Weather Shanty Choir last year, we can promise another musical and energetic highlight.

We divide the opening night into two sections: First you get to hear Hannah Rarity from Scotland, speeches and ceremonial opening. Then there will be a break before tonight's full concert with The Longest Johns.

Read more about Hannah Rarity here! 

Doors open: at 19.00