Hekla Stålstrenga

Opening concert // Hekla Stålstrenga // Eilert Sundthallen

26 August 2021 20:00–21:30

kr 450

Welcome to this year's opening concert in Eilert Sundthallen with Hekla Stålstrenga!

For 15 years, Hekla Stålstrenga has built up to become one of Norway's most popular bands with its very special mix of folk music, shows and pop. With a mixture of warm folk songs, rough riffs and sad ballads, the group has managed to hit something familiar and dear in all of us. Songs such as "Har du Fyr", "Folketonen", "Vise ved Vintersolkverv" and "Siste Sang" have become public property and have long since entered the Norwegian song canon. 

Energy and an enormous playful musicality mixed with humor, presence, joy of playing and very competent musicians - this is the recipe for success for Hekla Stålstrenga! 

The band has previously released 7 albums with their very distinctive expression at the intersection of folk music, folk song and popular music. They have been nominated for the fiddler award 5 times and have incurred several songs that have entered the Norwegian wise canon. Songs like Har du Fyr, Folketonen, Vise ved Vintersolkverv and Siste Sang are music many people have a relationship with. They have also diligently frequented NRK's playlists on the radio.

The concerts with Hekla Stålstrenga are known for energy, presence and deep musicality mixed with humor, joy of playing and extremely competent musicians. The band consists of some of the country's most prominent musicians on their respective instruments. Which means that all the members are highly sought after when other artists want musical partners in their projects. Hekla Stålstrenga has been with us before, and we look forward to seeing and hearing again with the group at the opening concert in Eilert Sundthallen.

Hekla Stålstrenga consists of:
Anne Nymo Trulsen
Ragnhild Furebotten
Ole-Jakob Larsen
Trond-Viggo Solås
Tore Bruvoll