Nordsjøfestivalen 2017 – Foto: Jo Elkington

Festival inn at Pakkhuset // People meet people

28 August 2021 11:30–14:30

This year, as in all years, we will bring folk music to people. That is why we have our slogan- People meet people.

We are not building a festival area, we have used and will continue to use concert arenas throughout the municipality. You can meet our artists in banks, restaurants, pubs, streets and places, and something should always be free!

The festival inn is back on Pakkhuset's terrace so that the music can be heard and experienced by as many people as possible. There will be elements of several of the artists who will perform at tonight's gala concert, the North Sea Concert. There may also be some surprises.

Artists participating in this year's festival inn are: Agder Spelemannslag, Johanne Flottorp & Åsmund Solberg, Bergen Mandolinband, Storm Weather Shanty Choir.



The warehouse

On the terrace of Pakkhuset we have a festival jam and a festival pub! On Saturday, the sun and folk music shine over Farsund, and you get a taste of the artists who play concerts later in the day. Here you can enjoy international musicians in free play for free! You don't get any closer to magic and the joy of playing. As a rule, the terrace, the pavement and the street are filled...
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