PEOPLE at Backes: Gabriel Fliflet and Ole Hamre

19. November 2022 19:00–21:00

kr 200


In the exciting year 2021, Gabriel Fliflet and Ole Hamre celebrated 30 years of collaboration. We are now so lucky that they also want to celebrate themselves in Farsund. Something we think is completely natural since they have visited the festival and the concert series several times.

Fliflet / Hamre is an orchestra that really is something in itself. With accordion, drums, vocals and a selection of pots, Gabriel Fliflet and Ole Hamre have created their very own style, which has thrilled both audiences and critics in a variety of environments.

In Fliflet / Hamre's music, playfulness and empathy are central, and most things can happen: Raw Balkan tones thunder out between our Nordic minor pearls and Jewish reflections. Then the whole hall sings along before Harald Sæverud is dragged to a party with Serbian gypsies! Sometimes Ole Hamre lets the drums rest, and makes beautiful and unheard music on melody or his own pot instrument, the harmonica. - Or put on your step shoes!

The group is known for its close and lively interaction, and has collaborated with e.g. Bjørn Tomren, Kari Bremnes and Odd Nordstoga.

Fliflet / Hamre brings together music of different origins, and creates its own, personal landscape. Both people with patent leather shoes, bunad, black leather jackets or cowboy hats can be willingly led around in their colorful garden! The contrasts are great, but the experience is whole.

The concert is part of Farsund Folk Festival's concert series FOLK at Backes, arranged with support from the Norwegian Cultural Council and the Folkeakademiet.