PEOPLE at Backes // Kjorstad Brothers

23 March 2022 20:00–21:30

kr 200


Hans and Rasmus Kjorstad from Fron in Gudbrandsdalen are prominent fiddle players in the folk music community in Norway and collaborate on a common idea - to play traditional music from Fronsbygdene in a groovy, unpolished and wonderful way.

In 2020, the brothers released the album 'Kjære min maur', an album that mostly consists of material that they have learned from recordings and transcripts of singers from Fronsbygdene. Through improvisations and storytelling, they aim to open the genre to a new audience.


Written about "Dear my ant" in the magazine Folkemusikk:
The musical hub of the album is tunes and recorded songs mainly from Fron. Based on this, musical spokes spring in different directions, which together form a fully-fledged product where recognition and newly created variations on themes naturally belong together.

Idea- and fantasy-rich arrangements with alternating instrumentation on a melodically accessible basis, with a small myriad of variations and details, means that the record is never predictable.

Rasmus Kjorstad - fiddle, langeleik, vocals
Hans Kjorstad - fiddle, harmonium, flute, vocals

The concert is part of Farsund Folk Festival's concert series FOLK at Backes, arranged with support from the Norwegian Cultural Council and the Folkeakademiet.