Ingvild, Lars Jakob og Vegar

CHRISTMAS at Backes // Christmas concert with Ingvild Koksvik, Lars Jakob Rudjord and Vegar Vårdal

10. December 2021 20:00 –

kr 300

Tradition believes!
Welcome to a beautiful pre-Christmas concert at Backes Bu with our own Ingvild Koksvik, accompanied by her husband Lars Jakob Rudjord and the festival's own Vegar Vårdal.
The trio gave us a beautiful Christmas concert in 2019 and in 2020, and we promised then that this would become a tradition.
On the program this evening are some of our most beloved Christmas songs performed and interpreted by Ingvild Koksvik (vocals), Lars Jakob Rudjord (keyboards) and Vegar Vårdal (fiddle and harding fiddle)
Toned, close and genuine, we guarantee it will be!
Billettsalget har startet!

Backes Bu

Backes Bu is Farsund's only original warehouse and the festival's most intimate concert arena. Here it oozes maritime culture from the walls. We rig the stage so that there is good contact between artists and the audience, small tables, with an informal club atmosphere. Bar.
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