Anne Gravir Klykken og Jon Solber,

Anne Gravir Klykken & Jon Solberg // Nordsjøens Spelemannslag // Backes Bu

27 August 2022 21:00–00:00

kr 250


Saturday's intimate concert at Backes Bu is the jubilant end to a long, eventful Saturday.

Intimate, low shoulders and two concerts for the price of one. There will be food and perhaps some surprises and bush games if you persevere.

First up this evening is a duo concert with Anne Gravir Klykken and Jon Solberg where beautiful singing meets beautiful playing, tradition and beautiful harmonies in the song between them.

Jon Solberg is a Norwegian musician, songwriter and lyricist from Bø in Telemark. He is known as the vocalist and frontman of the band Ni Liv, and as a solo artist. Jon has released three solo albums and eight albums with Ni Liv. Anne Gravir Klykken is a folk singer from Solum. She has released two solo records and several other releases with, among others, the trio Wintermåne.

Read more about Anne and Jon here!

We end the evening with the Nordsjøens Spelemannslag, this year as in 2029 the fiddler's team consists of the stars from the North Sea Concert. Here, it is the artists themselves who decide what will be played, there will be some jamming and probably bush games.