Festival dance 2022 //Farsund Fjordhotell

27 August 2022 22:00–00:00

We want to encourage dancing and are starting a new tradition of festival dancing.
Saturday's dance takes place on the beautiful parquet floor at Farsund Fjordhotell, and is free.
We hope you make an all-nighter and eat your dinner at the hotel before you go dancing.

You get dance performances from: Lista Trekkspillklubb, Åsalåten toraderlag, Pigernes Fornøjelse, Agder Spelemannslag.

When booking a table for dinner, call the hotel on 38 38 98 00

Farsund Fjordhotell

Welcome to our permanent festival hotel in Lauervika. During the festival, we fill up the hotel with artists and partners. Courses, seminars, dances, concerts are arranged here and here we gather in the bar after hectic days during the festival.
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