North Sea Concert & Storm Weather Shanty Choir

August 28, 2021 20:00 -

kr 400


Saturday's party concert with the traditional North Sea concert where the main theme is the relationship in the music around the North Sea.

This year we are running two concerts in one, so this will be a real party night. In the first part you get the traditional North Sea concert where musician Vegar Vårdal and artistic director of the festival Knut Egil Kristiansen directs and produces a unique concert, every year. Participating musicians are currently Vegar Vårdal, Birger Mistereggen and Storm Weather Shanty Choir. More artists may appear!

In the second part, after a break, we drop to the Storm Weather Shanty Choir. During this concert, we expect the roof in Eilert Sundthallen to lighten.

Storm Weather Shanty Choir is a six-man rock chantikor from Stord. Shanties are work songs that were used at sea, and in the Storm Weather Shanty Choir interpretation, the shanties are performed in a rock´n roll costume where the audience gets involved and sings with full throat - that is, about rocka all-singing! With just as strong energy, they take the audience all the way down when they perform beautiful and melancholy sailor songs about longing and lost love at sea.

Read about Storm Weather Shanty Choir here.

Eilert Sundthallen

Eilert Sundthallen is located in Eilert Sund high school, in the middle of Farsund center. We are rigging the large sports hall into an exciting and intimate concert concept, where sound, light and artists come into their own. We rig a nice bar area with food and drink. in 2020 there will be an entrance from Inger Sundts gate. Infection control rules will…
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