Konsert på Amfi 2017

Pop-Up PEOPLE at Amfi

28 August 2021 12:30 -

The very symbol of our slogan People meet people, is our concerts in the streets and places on Saturday.
This year we will have a small program at Amfi Farsund, and we will appear in several places at the center.
Both the festival inn and Pop - UP people will be tasters that will show a bit of the breadth of the festival.
Artists participating in Amfi:
Agder Spellemannslag
Bergen Mandolin Band
Festival musicians 2021
Surprises can come!

Pop Up Folk

The slogan of the North Sea Festival is; Where people meet folk! This means that we want to be where people are, and that the threshold for attending our concerts should be low. That is why we use arenas throughout the municipality during the festival and we send our musicians to schools, kindergartens, on walks, boat trips and sometimes we build…
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