PEOPLE at Backes // 2022

We are ready with our concert series, PEOPLE at Backes. A lot is clear, but there are guaranteed to be new and good surprises throughout the spring. Take a look at what's ready now!

Friday 14. January 2022

We are kicking off our concert series FOLK at Backes on 11 February with Fliflet / Hamre. It will be a head start with drums, jubaluba, gypsy music, harmonica and celebration of their 30 years together on stage.

Followed by Fliflet / Hamre only a week later, we see Lars Jakob Rudjord's commissioned work, Kjempe - Jo, at Husan. In March we get a visit from the super brothers Kjørstad before we take a little Easter holiday. Easter holiday.

In May, we booked a rehearsal with Susanne Lundeng and will get to know Swedish Johanna-Adele Jüssi. We have exciting bands on the block for both April and June, but we have not landed the details here.

Ticket sales have started, and so far we have limited capacity!

We conduct the concerts according to the current infection control rules, off course, so check in at the event or check for updated e-mails before the concert regarding any cancellations or postponements. In case of cancellations or postponements, all ticket buyers will receive notification per. e - mail.

PEOPLE at Backes are arranged with support from the Norwegian Cultural Council and the Folkeakademiet.

PEOPLE at Backes // Kjorstad Brothers

March 23, 2022 20:00 - 21:30

Bilde Lars Jakob Rudjord

Lars Jakob Rudjord // Kjempe - Jo

17. February 2022 19:00 - 20:30