Information about the corona and the implementation of the festival

We promise to do our utmost to carry out a safe festival where the magical musical memories are left behind, not covid 19 and infection tracking. At all our events, we will carry out a risk analysis that also involves the conditions surrounding the risk of infection, and will facilitate that we can all comply with the applicable rules.

Saturday 15. August 2020

The maximum number of spectators at a public event is per. today 200, staff and musicians are not included in this number. We sell a maximum of 200 tickets at Varbak, in Eilert Sundthallen and in the Savior's Church. At Backes Bu, the maximum number of spectators will be 50 people.

We will make it easy for you to keep a distance of 1 meter to the neighbor, there will be alcohol / hand disinfection available in all our arenas and organization of the queue to avoid gathering people. All tickets must be registered on the person who will use it. We are obliged to keep a list of names at all events and will retrieve a list of names in our ticket system of all purchased tickets. In the event of an infection, the municipality will have to detect infection. The name lists will be deleted in accordance with the Data Inspectorate's privacy rules. Our guards and hosts will be up to date on the infection control rules, and will guide you and ensure that we carry out safe and good events.

Ang opening concert at Varbak

Entrance to the performance will be from Markeveien. All adults who have children must register the child's name at the entrance. We will organize the queue and the actual walk through Varbak in groups of up to 20 people. Please stick to your group throughout the performance. The performance begins at 20.30 and we will let people into pools at about 3-5 minute intervals Our volunteers will guide you further in the performance and everyone will focus on taking care of your infection control. Hand disinfection will be available. It is extremely important that you stick to the set path, and go in and out of the area in Markeveien. Parking at Farsund primary and lower secondary school. There will be parking guards present.

Ang concerts in Eilert Sundthallen

Entrance in the lock to the sports hall in Inger Sundts gate, on the upper side of the Aula. There will be table service inside the hall, plenty of space between the tables and disinfection available. As an audience, you must have good hand hygiene and keep your distance. Everyone must sit on the same chair and not change tables during the performance. Payment only with tips and cards. Preferably come on foot, or park at Amfi, Nytorvet, or Verven. We will do our best to inform about any detours in Storgata.

Ang Church concert with Kim Rysstad

At a sold-out concert at 21:00 we have the opportunity for an extra concert at. 19.00.
Sit with the 1st meter distance between the shoulders of those who are not in your household. Our hosts will show you the place in the church. We empty the benches from the back row and then forward bench by bench.
Payment at the entrance by card.

Be patient, show consideration and take care of each other by keeping a distance of 1 meter and by staying home if you have symptoms or proven covid 9. It is your responsibility!