Longest Johns

We are ready for our 24th festival!

Now there are only a few days until we kick off our 24th festival. A festival where it is again the music and our international guests that will be the main focus, not the corona pandemic. We have sorted and summarized the program for you, so that you too are ready for the festival.

Farsund Folk Festival 2020 – Foto: Solfrid S. Økland

A good deal - festival pass 2022!

Now the festival is fast approaching!!
To get the most for your money, it pays to buy a festival pass.
The festival pass is like a kinder egg. That gives you access to five concerts, lots of music and you don't have to stand in queues.

Foto: Sami Perttilä

New artists ready!

Johanna Juhola trio from Finland are ready, and we promise fireworks!

The_Longest_Johns2748 1

First artist out: The Longest Johns!

Finally, we are ready to start releasing this year's artists and we promise that you have a lot of good things waiting for you!
First artist out is The Longest Johns from Bristol, England.
It will be rambunctious, energetic and crazy on an international level!


PEOPLE at Backes // 2022

We are ready with our concert series, PEOPLE at Backes. A lot is clear, but there are guaranteed to be new and good surprises throughout the spring. Take a look at what's ready now!

Susanne Lundeng Trio, foto Martin Losvik

New Year, New possibilities?

We are starting a new concert and festival year, we are cautious optimists. Here is some info about concerts and thoughts on implementation.


Thanks for this year!

Then Farsund Folk Festival 2021 is history. It was another fantastic festival and we are proud of what we have achieved with all our partners. As you read this year's thank you, set the dates August 25-28, 2022.

Bilde Lars Jakob Rudjord

Lars Jakob Rudjord premieres his work on Kjempe - Jo.

I have been fascinated by the walker "Kjempe-Jo" ever since I heard Annbjørg Lien play it a few years ago. And when I discovered that the man who gave the name to the mowing was one of my ancestors, I simply had to address this, says Rudjord.

Hekla Stålstrenga

This year's first artist release - press release 21.04.2021

The board of Farsund Folk Festival decided early on that it would be a festival in 2021. We carried it out in 2020, and then we thought that of course we would be able to arrange a festival also in 2021. We just did not quite know how. We have quietly worked with several scenarios, discussed different concepts and been in contact with different artists and bands. We have now arrived at a sketch, a framework for a festival that makes us feel confident in taking care of both the musical content and infection control.


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