Bilde Lars Jakob Rudjord

Lars Jakob Rudjord premieres his work on Kjempe - Jo.

I have been fascinated by the walker "Kjempe-Jo" ever since I heard Annbjørg Lien play it a few years ago. And when I discovered that the man who gave the name to the mowing was one of my ancestors, I simply had to address this, says Rudjord.

Hekla Stålstrenga

This year's first artist release - press release 21.04.2021

The board of Farsund Folk Festival decided early on that it would be a festival in 2021. We carried it out in 2020, and then we thought that of course we would be able to arrange a festival also in 2021. We just did not quite know how. We have quietly worked with several scenarios, discussed different concepts and been in contact with different artists and bands. We have now arrived at a sketch, a framework for a festival that makes us feel confident in taking care of both the musical content and infection control.


Christmas at Backes - video

Now you can see recordings from the Christmas concert with Ingvild Koksvik, Lars jakob Rudjord and Vegar Vårdal.


Information about the corona and the implementation of the festival

We promise to do our utmost to carry out a safe festival where the magical musical memories are left behind, not covid 19 and infection tracking. At all our events, we will carry out a risk analysis that also involves the conditions surrounding the risk of infection, and will facilitate that we can all comply with the applicable rules.

Postcard LOGO.001

Postcards from Scotland

Postcards from Scotland is a digital performance with Scottish aristocrats, produced by Showcase Scotland and an international jury in which Farsund Folk Festival has participated. Since the closure of Norway and the rest of the world, artists around the world have lost a large part of their source of income. Scottish artists are very popular festival musicians around the world and musicians from Scotland have…


Opening concert at Varbak // People meet PEOPLE

We invite you to a grand and different opening at this year's festival and use Frsund's city mountain, Varbak. As an audience, you are invited to walk through the beautiful hiking area on Varbak, while you get to experience song, dance, music, art in the forest, along the path, in open spaces and by the barbecue pans. We will guide you safely through…


Farsund Folk Festival and the coronavirus

At the time of writing, all sports and cultural events in Norway have been canceled until 15 June. Before 1 May, Minister of Culture Abid Raja will present new guidelines for festivals and cultural events after 15 June and onwards.

Farsund Folk Festival illustrasjon

From the North Sea Festival in Farsund to the Farsund Folk Festival

The North Sea Festival in Farsund was founded on 27.10.1998 under the name North Sea Festival Sailor´s Wake. The name change to the North Sea Festival in Farsund was approved at the annual meeting on 25.01.2006.


Welcome to the festival office in Torvgata

As some of you may have noticed, we have "moved" into the Tourist Office in Torvgata. This year's festival office will be here during the entire festival. The office will be open: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 12.00 - 15.00 Thursday and Friday at 12.00 - 18.00 Saturday at 12.00 - 15.00 At the festival office you will…

FOLK på Backes

PEOPLE on Backes

The North Sea Festival has with great success used Backes Bu as a permanent concert venue for our concert series outside the festival. We therefore use Backes Bu also during this year's festival. We build a festival concept inside and out with loose snippets and serving. Here it will be intimate and we guarantee that it will twitch dance feet and bodies. It gets crowded and loud under the roof - imagine you are in a pub in Scotland or Ireland and get carried away!