About Farsund Folk Festival

Farsund Folk Festival is an international folk music festival in Farsund, Norway. The festival's main focus is traditional music from the countries around the North Sea. The festival is held the last weekend in August every year.

Farsund Folk Festival invites to concerts, courses, parties and dances. In addition to continuously working to give the audience fantastic experiences with artists who are always unique in their fields internationally, the festival also wants to function as a meeting place and network arena for the artists who come here. This leads to many exciting meetings between professionals and amateurs, from home and abroad. In Farsund you get close to the artists, and the chance for ihuga fans to exchange a few words with their big idols is strongly present.

Farsund Folk Festival (formerly the North Sea Festival in Farsund) celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2018. Previously, the festival has hired musicians from Scotland, England, Orkney, Faroe Islands, Shetland, USA, Denmark, Sweden and Finland, as well as many of the leading musicians folk music -Norway has to offer.

Farsund Folk Festival - Where People Meet Folk.