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We are ready for our 24th festival!

Now there are only a few days until we kick off our 24th festival. A festival where it is again the music and our international guests that will be the main focus, not the corona pandemic. We have sorted and summarized the program for you, so that you too are ready for the festival.

Sunday 21 August 2022

Finally, after two years in which the corona pandemic has ravaged and put a damper on our society and cultural life, we will once again hold a proper festival. A festival where restrictions and infection control measures are not the main focus, but the music and our Norwegian and international guests. Where you get small and large concerts, amateurs and professional musicians and dancers meet and we serve something new and something unknown to our audience. We are looking forward to four days of folk music and folk dance from morning to night, in schools, in kindergartens, institutions, in sports halls, in churches, houses of worship, in cafes, pubs, shopping centers, museums, places and streets. Our slogan, people meet people, is alive and well and we spread the festival throughout the municipality and make the music and the festival available to as many people as possible 25 - 28 August.

The festival program is ready, program leaflets can be found in shops and at our festival office at Backes Bu during the festival.

Shortcut to the program here!  


Farsund Folk Festival 2021, Foto: Solfrid S. Økland

Sigrid Moldestad band 2021

We are transforming Eilert Sundthallen into a great concert hall with a large stage. Sound and light give the room and the music an extra dimension, and insert small tables and chairs. Here you get the opening concert on Thursday at 19.30 with The Longest Johns and Hannah Rarity.

The North Sea Concert in the hall on Saturday at 19.00, is our gala concert where the interaction between the musicians and the kinship in the music is the main focus. Knut Egil Kristiansen is artistically responsible. Vegar Vårdal leads the interaction from the stage and we promise full blast. This is the concert for those who want a very special concert experience!



In the Saviour's Church Friday at 19.00, the church room adds a magnificent and sacred setting to the concert. On stage is Scottish Megan Henderson with a band.


Farsund Folk Festival 2021, Foto: Solfrid S. Økland

Johanne Flottorp and Åsmund Solberg

At Backes Bu there will be an informal atmosphere, intimate concerts where you get close to the music and the musicians. The maritime venue provides a perfect setting for our concerts. Friday there is a double concert with Johanna Juhola and Stampestuen, Saturday with Anne Gravis Klykken & Jon Solberg, before we finish with the North Sea's Spelemannslag.

During the day, the booth is the festival office with ticket sales, sales of t-shirts, coffee and something to eat. Here you get a festival atmosphere throughout the festival.


All that is free!
Our slogan People meet people, indicates that we should be where the people are. Pop-Up FOLK, where musicians pop up in various places, is completely free and should give people who are in the city a taste of the festival and everyone should feel and hear that there is a festival in the city.
This year we have a pub concert at Bondeheimen, and Pop-Up FOLK at BarOver, and Sangpøbb at Backes Bu on Friday. Pop-up Folk at Amfi on Saturday and Festivalkro at Pakkhuset, as well as dance pub and festival dance at Farsund Fjordhotell on Saturday. Sundays are open to everyone at Nordberg Fort.


Kobi's dance party in the party hall 2021

If you want to test the dance schools, you have several opportunities during the festival. If you are a little unsure whether you remember the steps or have never danced before, we also offer dance courses and dance pubs that are suitable for absolutely everyone!

It will be Kobi's dance party at Husan on Friday. If you need some training or refreshment, there will be a two-hour dance course at Husan on Saturday, followed by an informal dance pub at Backes bu. And last but not least, we make festival dance on Saturday at the Farsund Fjordhotellet. Registration for dance courses on: 911 29 863. Table reservation at the hotel on 38 38 98 00


Here's a shortcut to all the dancing!

Welcome to a two-hour dance course with lap dance and folk dance. 10 am - 12 noon Saturday, at Husan. The dance instructors are Malin, Erland and Tyra from the folk music study campus Rauland, University of Southeast Norway. Registration to, and information about dance courses on: 911 29 863.

Here you can read more about the course!


Farsund Folk Festival 2021Through good children's performances, we will make it possible for all children to have an encounter with folk music and folk dance during the festival. This year, Tuva Færden will visit 6 kindergartens in the municipality.

We also want parents, grandparents, siblings and aunts to have the opportunity to experience this performance. Therefore, this is also set up at Backes Bu on Saturday at 11 a.m. With her harding fiddle, voice and dance, she takes you on a folk musical journey where she opens the door wide open to various musical spaces.

Farsund Folk Festival invites you to a family day at Nordberg Fort on Sunday at 11.30 a.m. – 1 p.m. There will be a concert, joint singing and dancing for children and adults. With Pigerne's pleasure, plays with song and music and engages in group singing. Song games and dance for small children, big children, small and big adults led by Tor Steinar Fromreide with Pigernes prässät and Toralf Skoland.

All generations can participate here!
Our concerts for children are done in collaboration with Sparebanken Sør and SR Bank, and you can read more here! 


Bedehus concert 2018

The festival ends with a concert in Loshavn Bedehus on Sunday at 12.00. The view out to sea, the proximity to the music and nature create a very special setting for the concert. The concert is acoustic, with no introduction and we take the applause right at the end. The concert comes with a goosebump guarantee!




We have made a playlist with this year's artists. This one is guaranteed to put you in the right festival mode. Check here! 

We hope you are ready for the festival! After two years of corona, all of us who deliver cultural events are that the audience shows up!

Welcome to Farsund Folk Festival 2022!