Beautiful folk music from the Orkney Islands, with sea spray and good stories.

FARA is a quartet consisting of four of Scotland's most successful folk musicians. The line-up is Kristan Harvey, Jeana Leslie and Catriona Prices on fiddles and Rory Mathesons on piano. Together they produce energetic and exciting music rooted in their upbringing and traditional music from the Orkney Islands.

Their repertoire includes both newly written songs and traditional melodies from the Orkney Islands. Together with the four musicians' personal playing styles and qualities, this becomes a particularly beautiful musical expression. Fara has an international audience and has toured large parts of the world. Finally they arrive at Farsund.

In autumn 2022, they released their long-awaited new album. "Energy Island", this is the band's third album. The album is inspired by the Orkney Islands' history and position as a leading nation in renewable energy.

A concert with Fara is varied, full of lively arrangements, energetic fiddle and piano playing, singing and good stories. Our audience is sure to be excited about Fara.

Jean Leslie - fiddle and song
Catriona Pricefiddle and song
Christian Harvey - fiddle and song
Rory Matheson - piano