Foto: Anders Lillebo


On Thursday 24 November, Farsund Folk Festival received the award as folk music organizer of the year. The price is NOK. 20,000 and will be distributed by FolkOrg, an organization for folk music and folk dance.

Wednesday 30 November 2022

During the industry event Folkelarm and the Folkelarm Prize, Farsund Folk Festival was awarded the prize as folk music organizer of the year.

Although deep down we hoped it would happen, we were still very surprised and speechless.
The festival, which was started by zealots in 1998, is now gaining recognition and greater visibility throughout folk music Norway.

We have been inundated with congratulations, and we feel enormous pride, humility and joy!

Thanks to the jury❤️
Thanks to our sources of inspiration❤️
Thanks to our promoters❤️
Thanks to our musicians❤️
Thanks to our volunteers❤️
Thanks to our audience❤️
Thanks to our supporters and partners❤️
We will live on this for a long time❤️
Many beautiful words have been written about us in this context. Thanks to Lister 24 cheering, read the leader here.
Read more about the jury's the justification here.