Anne Gravir Klykken & Jon Solberg

Jon Solberg and Anne Gravir Klykken are fond of dialects, languages, local history and the close connection to rural life and nature. This concert is based on their duo album, "One last wish"

Jon Solberg is a musician, songwriter and lyricist from Bø in Telemark. He is known as the vocalist and frontman of the band Ni Liv, and as a solo artist. Anne Gravir Klykken, from Solum i Skien, is a singer and works extensively in the folk music field. She is also part of the trio Wintermåne, the duo Blåsang and has an extensive collaboration with Knut Buen, Bugge Wesseltoft, Iver Kleive and Sigmund Groven.

Anne G. Klykken and Jon Solberg attend festival inn Saturday and The North Sea Concert, they hold a concert at Backes Bu Saturday evening and participates in The chapel concert Sunday.

Anne Gravir Klykken – vocals
Jon Solberg – guitar, banjo, fiddle