Bilde Lars Jakob Rudjord

Lars Jakob Rudjord premieres his work on Kjempe - Jo.

I have been fascinated by the walker "Kjempe-Jo" ever since I heard Annbjørg Lien play it a few years ago. And when I discovered that the man who gave the name to the mowing was one of my ancestors, I simply had to address this, says Rudjord.

Friday 11. June 2021

In the 19th century, a mythical figure lived in Tovdal in Agder: A legendary man, known among people as Kjempe-Jo. It is said that he was a fighter who was impossible to defeat, but also an excellent dancer. He was big, constantly walking on his hands, and once he took the life of a bear with an ax. The man's name was Jon Olsen (1816-1883), and he was Lars Jakob Rudjord's great-great-grandfather.

Now the pianist and composer from Farsund has been inspired by the stories of Kjempe-Jo, everyday life in Agder in the 19th century and traditional music from Tovdal, and written completely new music. The work was created with a work grant from the Composers' Remuneration Fund in 2020, and the premiere will take place at Farsund Folk Festival with a star team of musicians put together for the occasion. Afterwards, the band travels on to Oslo to play on the national stage

With Kjempe-Jo, Lars Jakob Rudjord offers an intimate, exciting and engaging concert experience, where old meets new, and a trad song or two from Tovdal is intertwined with Rudjord's own music. Maybe a fairy tale or two from 19th century Agder is also told.

"I'm very happy to be here at home when I show this music for the first time. It feels safe and good. ”

During Farsund Folk Festival, Kjempe - Jo will be performed in the Festival Hall at Husan, Saturday at 18.00 For many years, the festival has used Husan for the Cancelliraden's Ball, other dance performances and concerts. The hall is known for being one of Norway's most beautiful, but also has the country's best dance floor.

"We are looking forward to using the beautiful party hall for a completely new concert concept, and are happy that it is precisely Lars Jakob who is responsible for the watch - the performance of his own work at Husan, This must be a great double premiere, says Ann Helen Erichsen »

"I almost grew up playing in the party hall at Husan, and this is the first time in many years that I play a concert there. Everything is somehow right to have a premiere there - the grand piano, the acoustics and the pictures of Dad. "

Tickets for the show will go on sale on Friday 11 June at 10. There will be a limited number of places.

Lars Jakob Rudjord - piano, keyboards
Johanne Flottorp - hardingfele
Katrine Schiøtt - cello
Jakop Janssønn Percussion

Bilde Lars Jakob Rudjord

Lars Jakob Rudjord // Kjempe - Jo

17. February 2022 19:00 - 20:30

Lars Jakob Rudjord

Lars Jakob Rudjord - foto Manneraak
Pianist and composer living in Farsund. He has released three critically acclaimed albums: Clockwork (2013), Indiepiano (2016) and Let Tomorrow Be Better (2020). He has written several commissioned works, including for the North Sea Festival in Farsund, the Nordic Contemporary Poetry Festival and ...